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YOUR Karmic Blueprint

This tiny ebook is stuffed with profound secrets of the universe touching every human life. Once YOU read, grasp and apply the essence of this book in YOUR daily life, YOU will start experiencing harmony and abundance in every sphere of YOUR life. Why feel helpless when you are the master of your universe? YOU just need to learn about the incredible Law of Karma and apply its power in YOUR daily routine. YOU are capable enough to write the Blueprint of YOUR entire life without anyone’s help. YOU are the only one who can design your future.

This ebook teaches you...

This ebook teaches you...

What people are saying about this ebook...

I recommend reading the little book, Your Karmic Blueprint for anyone and everyone who wants to make a compulsory shift to their current life scenario. Be it health, wealth, or relationships, reading this book gives tremendous insights into our karmic account about which we are unaware off and is a must read if anyone is on a spiritual pursuit. The concept of creating our own individual karmic blueprint out of our own ignorance has been very well written and is an eye opener to us to know where we stand in life today. The clarity provided on using our free will is an excellent read for one’s individual life transformation. Concept of ignorance vs awareness in exercising our choices is very well explained. In a very apt way the confusion between law of attraction and karmic account is very well explained. The crux of the e-book is making us the masters of our destiny through our own efforts is highly commendable. I wish the author all the best in all her endeavors and eagerly awaiting to read more books likely to be written by her.

Lalitha Krishnan Iyer Sub-editor - Mumbai

    On the rollercoaster ride of life, when we are at our lowest point, we tend to ask this question, and that is, "Why me?" I too had this question on my mind. When I came across this eBook, Your Karmic Blueprint, it changed my perspective on the happenings in my life. Recently, I started practising the law of attraction, though I didn't have much clarity on how it works. This ebook not only gave clarity on the workings of the law of attraction but also on its effective usage in our daily lives. Through this ebook, I got to learn about the eternal law of nature, i.e., the law of karma. The author, Jyoti Bhaskar, makes the two laws very simple for the reader. It was very interesting to know how these laws work and how we can make the best of them. Finally, I was able to comprehend through this ebook how we can make the law of attraction work for us forever. This eBook, Your Karmic Blueprint, lets me dive into myself and set out on the journey of retrospection, positive manifestation, mind fullness, and further self-purification.

    Sudeshna Dighe

      I am happy that I came across this eBook at an extremely crucial and critical time of my life. While going through mental turmoil and emotional draining, I almost reached a dead-end... And somehow this tiny little book gave me much-needed hope and desire to get hold of my Karmic Blueprint. Detailed and comparative explanations of the law of karma and the law of attraction caused me to comprehend my ability to influence my life as per my will significantly. I recommend this book to everyone who wishes to tackle any small or big problems of daily routine life with ease and a composed mind. No wonder I really felt relaxed and peaceful after grasping the essence of this book.

      Mansi Ghadge

        YOUR KARMIC BLUEPRINT After reading this book I got many insights especially at personal level and emotional level . It made me more curious to know about THE LAW OF KARMA at deeper level. Thanks to the knowledge provided by the author in so simple language for understanding the concept of law of attraction and law of karma interrelation.

        Rinaa Jha

          I am a very spiritual person and like to follow my heart so that I am always aligned with the Universe. Jyoti has helped me tremendously with following my spiritual path.The law of Karma and the Law of attraction explained in Jyoti's book "Your Karmic Blueprint "is the perfect tool to help you manifest your desires. I can't live without it!

          Madan Mohan Singh

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